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About Yawaradi

Yawaradi studio offers a wide range of cross media creative services:

Directing, Online editing and Grading of commercials, promotional and corporate films, videoclips and viral videos.

Every project is a new world, approached with tones of passion and a strong will to bring the clients' goal to perfection

(and fullfil our desire to create, while we're at it...).

The studio working with all kinds of production companies, advertising companies and organizations.

Hagay Swisa
Creative Director
With a vast experience as a creative director of a media agency,
Hagay has versatile knowledge in different aspects of the production world - from directing, filming, editing and post-production, up to the fine details of the graphic design and branding concept.

Lives in Tel-Aviv, excellent at the kitchen, doesn't cut corners and loves street cats.

Graduate of the Visual Communication department of Shenkar College.

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Ben Avigdor St 18, Tel Aviv, 3rd floor
Phone: +972 - 508712745
Email: studio@yawaradi.com